record SSK – key-operated contact

Just like the door to your apartment at home, a key-operated contact enables you to operate your automatic door. Turning the key overrides all previously saved operational modes and immediately opens the door. In this way, shopkeepers can gain access to their business in the morning without having to worry about timers or use separate doors at the back.

A record SSK perfectly integrates the convenience of an automatic door system with an enhanced level of burglar protection, like record multipoint locking, or automatic burglar resistant doors record SAFECORD RC 2 and record THERMCORD RC 2 models. This makes poorly accessible, dirty floor locks that get in the way obsolete and a thing of the past.

record SSK – key-operated contact
record SSK – key-operated contact record SSK – key-operated contact

The record SSK can be fitted to almost any location inside or outside the building. Also, two key-operated switches are available, allowing adjustable delay times. This makes it just as convenient and practical to lock up from the inside. Just turn the key and the door opens again, giving you enough time to grab your bag and take your car keys from the desk; the door closes and locks behind you until you open it again the following morning.

Available in surface-mounted or flush-mounted variants.